Spring Rolls


Spring Roll 5
Bean sprouts 5 gr
Carrot 10 gr
Egg yolk 6 pieces
Sweet chili/orange 5 cl
Banana leaf 10 gr
Capsicum green 10 gr
Capsicum red 10 gr

Preparation Method
  • Cut into julienne carrot, red and green capsicums. Keep in icy water.
  • Wash the bean sprout.
Cooking Method
  • Deep-fry the spring rolls.
Serving Method
  • Toss together carrot, capsicums and bean sprout.
  • "Burn" the banana leaf, roll it as a cornet and fix it with a toothpick. Fill in with the juliennes.
  • Arrange the spring rolls in the plate and place the cornet on the side.
  • Pour the sweet chili/orange dip in a small ramekin.