Salmon & Leek Quiche


Salmon filet 200 gr
Salmon smoked 100 gr
Leek 500 gr
Labneh 200 gr
Carrot 20 gr
Tomato cherry 10 gr
Lollo rosso 10 gr
Dough 400 gr
Eggs 4
Cream 200 gr
Lemon 10 gr
Onion 10 gr
Frisée 10 gr
Lollo blanco 10 gr

Preparation Method
  • Slice onion, lemon and carrot roughly.
  • Place the vegetables in a pot and add 1 liter water. Simmer 15 minutes.
  • Poach the salmon for 2 minutes and let cool down in the bouillon.
  • When cold shred the salmon.
  • Slice the leek and wash well to remove any sand.
  • Blanch in salty water. Cool down in icy water.
  • Prepare the dough in the mould and put in the fridge 15 minutes.
  • Wash well the lettuces.
  • Cut by ½ the cherry tomatoes.
  • Slice the smoked salmon.
  • Beat the eggs with the labneh then add the cream. Season well.
  • Arrange in the mould salmon, smoked salmon and leek. Pour over the labneh preparation to the top.
Cooking Method
  • Cook in the oven at 220*C for 15 minutes then at 180*C for 30 minutes.
  • Let cool down in the mould.
Serving Method
  • Cut 1 portion and heat through in the oven medium heat.
  • Toss the lettuces and cherry tomatoes with the balsamic dressing.
  • Place on the plate the quiche and a bouquet of salads.