Breaded Prawns and Hammour


Prawns 16/20 80 gr
Hammour filet 100 gr
Breadcrumb 30 gr
Cajun spices 10 gr
Roquefort dip 20 gr
Thousand island 10 cl
Egg 1

Preparation Method
  • Peel the shrimps and remove the heads.
  • Cut the hammour finger shape.
  • Beat the egg.
  • Mix the breadcrumb with the spices.
  • Pane the prawns and the hammour with the breadcrumb then the egg and the breadcrumb again.
Cooking Method
  • Deep-fry the prawns and the hammour..
  • Drain them on paper.
Serving Method
  • Arrange the prawns and the hammour in the plate.
  • Serve the dips in individual ramekins.